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CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: Business style for a curvy woman

I had the privilege of working with a 30-something year old Sophia Loren look-alike banker to help her find her professional style in her closet.
Needs: business day & a lot of evening business related fundraising events
Body: fit, curvy, well-proportioned. Italian decent and coloring—jet black hair.She feels most comfortable covering her arms and wearing a mid to low knee length dress.
What she has: lots of black.
What worked: Suits—tailored jackets with skirts and fitted dresses. Nude colored pumps (they give the illusion of a longer leg).
What didn't work:Shapeless sweaters to cover her arms and boxy jackets. They made her look big rather than curvy. Pastels. Shirts that hung below mid-hip (tailoring solution).
Her discovery: that she could mix blacks and wear suits as separates.
What she needs:To add bright white and brilliant colors to the mix—red, turquoise, magenta, bright pinks and yellows, and also orange to wear with white and beige but not with black—too Halloweeny. Also peek-a-boo mesh like fabric to cover her arms for evening dress.
Solutions for Spring: A white tailored jacket with matching skirt or fitted dress to wear as separates. A solid brightly colored dress to wear under a white or black tailored jacket. A bold pearl necklace to wear at the throat or silver jewelry to bring light to her face.

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