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Image for Success

Here is the uber-stylish volunteer Liz Greenberg packing up some great closet finds for a client.
Image for Success pulls together complete wardrobes for each client's needs—from bras to bags.
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The Fix: How to Shop Your Closet in Two Easy Steps

Assess, Dejunk, Renew for Spring
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Spring Closet!

I distinctly felt a bit of spring in the air yesterday and realized it was time to shed—shed my closet of all the dark, heavy woolen layers I've been wearing all winter, and also to shed a few pounds.
It's also time to Assess Dejunk & Renew my SPRING CLOSET—see what fits, dejunk  Read More 
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Why Not Wear Your Holiday Closet?

Naughty or Nice? Why not wear glamour?

Why not wear your fun night-out earrings during the day?

Why not wear patterned stockings with your boots?

Why not wear sequins with denim?

Why not wear something in velvet—sleek pants, above-the-knee skirt, booties?

Why not wear a satin suit?

Why not wear festive colors: anything  Read More 
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Are You Dressing Your Age?

Do you have a closet filled with clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear? It's because you've transitioned from one part of your life to the next without letting your closet know what's now appropriate and what no longer is. To read more click on left...

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