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San Francisco Chic

Three amazing women in the Bay area hosted parties to celebrate the publication of What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life. A very lucky and very grateful girl am I!

I loved meeting the dynamic groups of women who were engaged in exciting activities professionally and personally. Several were successful entrepreneurs or CEOS of businesses, others had started charitable organizations created to empower or aid women internationally. And there were several accomplished artists, writers, designers—even a trustee of Burning Man.

What struck me was their incredible generosity and genuine enthusiasm toward other women. Perhaps its a trait that 45+ year old women develop over time—the confidence to share contacts, resources and ideas to help others succeed.

They enjoy the special friendship women share as they evolve into the next part of their lives. Their candor about the many changes they were experiencing (not only in their closet) made me feel privileged to be part of a big sisterhood where it's exciting to be old enough to have stories and wisdom and humor to share.

These women were also incredibly stylish—each distinctly so. They had discovered over the years what to wear to express who they are and how they want to feel.
See photos under "happenings" on my website!
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