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Clothes Confidential: Love in Black

They were in their late twenties. He was an investment banker living in NYC. She a working girl in Boston. He invited her for a weekend visit where he took her to a hip, downtown party filled with beautiful models wearing all black and leather—at least that was her perception. She felt alienated—like a country mouse wearing her best "pastels" and a shirt with a little round collar. When they left, he asked "Wasn't that a great party?" and she started to cry. "I hate your friends, I hate this scene, I hate that I wasn't wearing black!" The next day he surprised her by taking her shopping for the perfect little black dress, a black leather skirt and all black accessories." That's when she knew he was it. They've been very happily married for 20+ years and she epitomizes chic NYC in whatever she choses to wear.
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