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Finding Her Age Appropriate

“Hi Kim,
I've enjoyed reading your thoughts on what's age appropriate. It has given me food for thought and provided a great topic of discussion with my friends.

I’m normally a fashion conservative, but a few years ago I took a step outside that box when my then 24-year-old daughter objected to how I was dressed for a family gathering— too boring! She had me put on her fitted, low rise, flared leg jeans and they looked great! Since then I’ve been adding fun and kicky outfits to my otherwise conservative closet.

Who said there should be a defined line we cross after a certain age that says this is how we’re supposed to dress? I think our attitude plays a large role in what “age appropriate” attire is. Sure we should look good and feel comfortable in what we wear, but it should also reflect how we’re feeling inside. I am now feeling cool, confident and sexy.

At 49, I’m enjoying this "younger" look and feel blessed to be approaching 50 and still wearing my daughter’s jeans. “ Clare, CA
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