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New life, new closet, "new me"

“Hello Kim!
I changed my career a couple of years ago. The day I walked away from 24+ years in higher education, I swore I would never wear boring pumps again. At 47-years-old, I was uninspired by my career and needed a change. When my only son was getting ready to go off to college, I figured I better start planning what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I started my own business as a professional organizer and hadn’t realized how many things would change for me, including my closet.

Simplifying my wardrobe was my mantra, so I immediately gave away my conservative suits, sensible shoes and lackluster clothes. I also swore off pantyhose, except for special occasions since I heard businesswomen in NYC don’t wear them. I wanted to limit my choices of what to wear in my one small closet to beautiful clothing that I would love wearing. Running from room-to-room and closet-to-closet to choose an outfit was no longer appealing to me.

Knowing full well that I would be dressing down to work with clients in their homes, I wanted my casual clothing to fit my shape, highlight my assets and fit the new me! What I wear now: slim fitting jeans (in all colors), unusual blazers and jackets, and simple tailored shirts and tops. I even bought a few imprudent sexy shoes without backs that are quite comfortable.

I went through all my jewelry and accessories and got rid of whatever I wasn’t wearing, looked boring or didn’t have any significance to me. What’s left is a beautiful assortment of unique items that have meaning in my life—that invoke wonderful memories or a special person.

The icing on the cake was getting the tattoo on my ankle, the Chinese symbol for karma: your thoughts and your actions determine your destiny. I believe the simple act of purging my wardrobe and accessories will help guide me through this new and wonderful stage of my life.

How am I dressing for the rest of my life? More like the new me!

Vali, owner of The Clutter Crew

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