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Kim's Closet Find: Refresh Your Closet

My mother taught me the thrill of the hunt when shopping thrift and consignment shops. I’ve picked up a hot pink vintage Chanel with black trim and the requisite gold chain for under $50 in a consignment shop in Indianapolis, Best & Co. dress coats ($25 each) for my girls when they were young at a tony thrift store in San Francisco, and my favorite evening bag ($20) that I picked up decades ago (and none worse for the wear) at a thrift store in Palm Beach.

More recently I’ve been selling my pre-menopausal wardrobe at upscale consignment shops in Greenwich, CT and Sun Valley, ID. In turn I’ve found some amazing finds. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a designer bag at retail again!

But I’ve also been shamed peddling my clothes. It’s impossible for me to grasp why a beloved navy linen Armani jacket or a scrumptious purple Issey Miyake top don’t make the cut. I guess we think others should like our stuff as much as we do.

The savvy owner of The Dollhouse Consignment Boutique in Sun Valley wisely didn’t reject my offerings of a few TSE cashmere sweaters, but advised me to first purchase an electric fabric shaver (Evercare $7.99) to rid the pilling. It was easy to use, and quickly did the job, making a sale more likely.

I’ve since used it on all my sweaters that needed refreshing. It’s the best purchase I’ve made in fashion this season….well aside from the black marc by Marc Jacobs shearling coat ($89) and chocolate leather vest with mink collar ($40) that I found at The Dollhouse.

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