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Style doesn't age, it evolves.

Photo by George Lange, illustration by Alanna Cavanagh

Hi! I’m Kim,

There are a lot of important things to be concerned with in life.

In the scheme of things, what we wear is arguably one of them.

Dressing is something we do everyday, and many of us struggle with the ‘What should I wear’ question each time we dress.

When we get it right, we feel at our best—appropriate, confident and comfortable. When we don’t, we feel off our game.

Deciding what to wear is especially challenging in times of transition.

As our bodies and lives change, our closets are often the last to know.

It's easy to get stuck in old style notions that no longer work as well as they once did.

Style-confidence improves body-confidence, which contributes to life-confidence.

Co-creator of Chic Simple book series. "The more you know the less you need."
Author "Style doesn't age, it evolves."