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Two Fav Summer Chic Hostess Gifts for under $20

June 17, 2011

Tags: House Beautiful, Chic Gifts for under $20, Home Depot, Summer Chic, Rose, Bonny Doon Vineyards, Vin Gris de Cigare.

You can't go wrong by giving your host an orchid plant (under $20 at Home Depot).

Or turn them on to the new summer fun wine—rosé. Try Bonny Doon Vineyard's Vin Gris de Cigare. They liken it to a rosé from Provence or a Vin Gris from Burgundy.

Look for the extra-terrestial on the label for an added kick!

Feel Good Shopping

June 17, 2011

Tags: Sustainable Chic, Toms Shoes, espadrilles, summer classics

Espadrilles have long been a summer classic. For each pair you buy from TOMS Shoes, they will in turn give away a pair of shoes to a child in need in countries such as Ethiopia & Peru.

Rainy Day Relief

June 17, 2011

Tags: travel umbrella, rain gear, Davek

When rain's in the forecast, I play it safe. I tuck a travel umbrella into my bag & often a lightweight raincoat. It's infuriating though when the umbrella doesn't stand up to wind & rain or barely covers my head and bag. So hallelujah for this very sturdy compact umbrella from Davek that opens up to (more…)


June 11, 2011

Tags: summer favorites, wardrobe, summer closet, Pucci, Eau D'Hadrien, Arbonne Lip Polish, Manolo Blahnik, Sam Edelson, Gap, white jeans, L.L. Bean tote, black bathing suits, hoop earrings

I’ve finally unpacked my summer clothes, tried them all on to see what still fits. Made piles of those things that no longer do. Gave some things to my daughters, others to Consign Design in Greenwich CT, Image for Success in San Rafael CA & Goodwill.

I’m left with my favorite summer classics!

A light citrus scent.

#2 PINK CORAL TOE POLISH from Gap ($3!)
I tried purple earlier this year—what was I thinking? Sorry, can’t buy online.

I wore out my skinny jeans from last year. Replaced them with 3 styles from the Gap this year. Skinny, full leg & cropped.

I’ve had an Issey Miyake cotton top that I’ve loved wearing for years. It looks like origami in the front, which distracts from my thick middle. It started to fade so I had it copied last summer. Along with a black pleated Miyake tank, they are my go-to summer tops.

A dress is the easiest and coolest way to get through hot summer days comfortably and stylishly. My fav this season is simple, black, sleeveless and in a stretch cotton from Talbots. It can be dressed up or down and doesn’t wrinkle—perfect for travel.

I am still wearing the gold hoops my ex bought me 23 years ago in Caracas. I also love wearing over-sized silver hoops in the summer & just picked up faux diamond hoops for dressy occasions.

Pucci prints became instant classics since they were first introduced in 1948. They add color and jazziness to whatever else you have on

I love my Pucci bag that I found at T.J. Maxx in Bridgehampton. I’ve also been wearing the same Pucci skirt for more than ten years. I wrote about it in What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life (Dressing to Meet Your Ex’s Next). The silky fabric has stretch and the colors are happy.

Chic simple gold sandals—"Gigi" by Sam Edelman.

Manolo Blahnik silver thong mules from Consign Design in Greenwich.

Sarongs are my most favorite thing about wearing a bathing suit. You can wear them long, or short, or tied like a dress, worn over your shoulders as a wrap, and also they make for a great beach mat. They’re also great souvenirs to bring home from beach resorts. My favorite is one in a zebra print that a friend brought back for me from Figi.

A black suck-me-in one-piece or tankini.

#11 TOTE
For beach, market and weekend schlepping, a tote is the workhorse in my closet. The ultimate classic tote is by L.L. Bean. They’ve been making them since 1944.

One of their reps just sent me a sample & I am hooked. It's not gooey, but adds lots of natural lustre to lips & doesnt' quickly melt away. Great for looking your "au natural" best.