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Image for Success

May 25, 2011

Image for Success is located in San Rafael CA and caters to families in the Bay area.

They have a thrift shop in front open to all. Volunteers work with clients by appointment only in the back shop. I was impressed by the quality and selection of garments and accessories.

Image for Success

May 25, 2011

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Here is the uber-stylish volunteer Liz Greenberg packing up some great closet finds for a client.
Image for Success pulls together complete wardrobes for each client's needs—from bras to bags.

Image for Success

May 24, 2011

Tags: Interview outfit, business attire, Image for Success

Client explaining her need for a professional wardrobe.
I had the privilege of working with Liz Greenberg to wardrobe two women who were referred by the Center for Volunteer Non-Profit Leadership Program.

This woman was a construction worker interviewing to take her knowledge of the industry into a business environment that requires professional dress.

Ready to interview

May 24, 2011

Tags: Interview outfit, business attire, professional wardrobe, Image for Success

A very happy lady.
We started by finding a professional look for the interview—basic black skirt and top, a tailored jacket, pearl necklace and black pumps.

We then added other pieces that could be worn in varying ways with these basics for a versatile professional wardrobe.


May 13, 2011

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You can't have a feel-good closet unless you feel good about yourself whatever your age, shape or size.
I received this inspirational from my close friend Tessa. It's one of those viral emails that a community of friends send to each other with love, support and encouragement. I want to share it with you: