Kim Johnson Gross


Advanced Style: Fashion & Beauty

November 2, 2011

Tags: advanced style, ageless, fashion, beauty

I stumbled upon this short video on featuring style mentors who prove that style doesn't age it evolves.

Hide and Chic: Dress Your Assets

November 1, 2011

Tags: simply sexy, fashion, style, body changes, assets, chic

Ladies, we don't lose our assets, they simply change. So pay attention and dress to show yours off.

Thrift Shop Chic

November 1, 2011

Tags: NYC thrift shop chic, recession, budget, fashion, style, locovore closets

I don't know about you, but when I find fab fashion at bargain prices, I want to tell the world. So it was great fun working on this thrift shop piece, and am thrilled with what I scored!

Why Not Wear Your Holiday Closet?

December 15, 2010

Tags: fashion, style, closet, holiday clothes

Naughty or Nice? Why not wear glamour?

Why not wear your fun night-out earrings during the day?

Why not wear patterned stockings with your boots?

Why not wear sequins with denim?

Why not wear something in velvet—sleek pants, above-the-knee skirt, booties?

Why not wear a satin suit?

Why not wear festive colors: anything (more…)

Style Pile!

October 8, 2010

Tags: Style, fashion, ivillage has a great series featuring "style piles" and asked me to submit mine. Fun idea! What would you put in yours? Click on "style pile" in the left column if you'd like to see mine. And post yours!

The Twinkle of a Star

November 13, 2009

Tags: Sun Valley, Town & Country Magazine, John Grotty, Perry Ellis, fashion, merchandising, style, denim, career, Outliers

I just simultaneously experienced deja vu and a glimpse of the future.

Rewind to 1978
I was a young fashion editor at Town & County Magazine when I was asked to have lunch with Perry Ellis who had just opened his fashion house Perry Ellis International. He grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, and had a (more…)